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Mindfulness for Beginners, Mindfulness for Us

On April 29th, I had the pleasure of bring an online presenter at the Congress of Black Women's Wellness Revolution event. It was my first time participating in the event which had over 100 people attend to learn about mindset and mindfulness.

What stood out to me is that all four of us who presented talked about the importance of intention, community, and consistency. We had not planned this ahead of time, but clearly we were on the same wavelength. To quote therapist and business owner, Natacha Pennycooke, "We deserve consistency." I found this to be such a beautiful way and skillful way to honour consistency as a value. When we can connect why we want to do something for ourselves to a value we hold in our lives, we are more likely to do the thing! Mindfulness is a practice that requires consistency of practice, but it can be challenging to do so, alone.

I'm happy to offer a 4-week online mindfulness program sponsored by The Congress of Black Women. Mindfulness for Beginners, Mindfulness for Us, will support Black women who are new to the world of mindfulness meditation by creating a community of practitioners (traditionally known as Sangha) who can breath together, share our experiences of the practice together, and grow together by cultivating awareness, patience, self-compassion, and spaciousness. Contact me at: for more information.

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